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Spanish Language TV

There are actually many TV stations you can watch live over a broadband internet connection... for free! Watching TV in Spanish is a great way to practice your Spanish. The visual context clues will help you to understand what is being said. Check out the links below! (Spain)
The same site that provides the excellent programming of Radio Nacional de España offers TV programming 24/7 online. Check this one out!

Canal Sur (Spain - Andalucía)
Great live TV from Andalucía.

TV Nacional de Chile
24/7 live TV from Chile!

Frecuencia Latina (Peru)
Live TV from Peru!

TN 24 horas (Argentina)
24/7 news coverage from Argentina.

This website offers lots of Spanish language videos on nature, current events, cultural information and even telenovelas! A very interesting website. Lots of good videos here to help you practice Spanish!

Obviously not a specifically Spanish-language site but there are still TONS of Spanish-language videos on YouTube. You can find news reports, movie scenes, grammar lessons and pretty much anything else in Spanish on YouTube. Even upload your OWN Spanish-language content!

Spanish on Cable/Satellite

You have already have access to great Spanish language TV. Check your cable or satellite TV channel guide to see if any of these stations are available. I spent many hours watching these channels and it was a great way to practice and learn lots of current/new vocabulary that likely won't be in your textbook.

One of the best Spanish language channels out there! Widely available on different cable and satellite systems!

Another great channel with Spanish-language programming!

More Spanish language TV!