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Spanish Language Radio

One of the greatest ways to improve your listening skills is to listen to Spanish radio stations. Thanks to the internet, Spanish language radio stations are easily accessible to anyone! This page contains links to some of the best and most reliable Spanish language radio stations available on the net! Enjoy and be sure to come back often as I am constantly discovering more Spanish language radio stations.


Radio Nacional de España
One of the most famous and most reliable Spanish radio stations around!

Cadena SER
Another great site that offers live programming AND recorded shows. Has great interviews with various Spanish-speaking celebrities. Great for practice!

CanalSur broadcasts from Andalucía (Sevilla, specifically) and offers great radio programming! Lots of other information on the site as well. Be sure to check this one out!


Imagen Radio
Mainly news, but transmits a very clear signal. Find out what's going on in Mexico and practice your language skills at the same time!

Radio UNAM
Excellent radio from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Focuses on educational and cultural programming.

Oye 89.7
Plays "éxitos del momento" (today's hits!) Will require latest Flash player.

Los Estados Unidos (USA)

Mega 94.9
Mega 94.9, from Miami, Fl plays great modern Latino hits!

Radio Marti
Very interesting programming. News and a variety of current issues discussed. Lots of discussion about Cuba and Cuban/US relations.

KBNA 97.5
Música latina! Seems to be affiliated with Univision. See more about Univision in the section on Spanish TV here!

More Spanish Radio!

The stations above are only a small (very small!) sampling of Spanish language radio programming available for free online. A longer list of stations is available here.

Also, if you have a smartphone, consider downloading one of the many free or inexpensive apps that allow you to listen to music and other programming in Spanish. Some popular radio websites that also offer apps are Wunder Radio, AOL Radio and Pandora.