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City Life


Daily Routine


Food and Drinks

Health and Medicine

Holidays and Celebrations

Plants and Animals




Sports and Hobbies


Travel and Vacation


Verb Forms

Present Tense

Present Tense AR Verbs | Review

Present Tense ER Verbs | Review

Present Tense IR Verbs | Review

Present Tense Irregular Verbs | Review

Present Progressive

Present Tense Reflexive Verbs | Review Reflexive Verbs

Reflexive Vs. Non-Reflexive Verbs

Present Tense Stem-changing Verbs | Review

Present Tense Subjunctive Regular AR Verbs

Present Tense Subjunctive Regular ER & IR Verbs

Present Tense Subjunctive Irregular Verbs

Present Subjunctive Vs. Present Indicative

Preterite Tense

Preterite Tense AR Verbs | Review Regular Preterite Forms

Preterite Tense ER Verbs | Review Regular Preterite Forms

Preterite Tense IR Verbs | Review Regular Preterite Forms

Irregular Preterite Forms | Review Irregular Preterite Forms

Stem-changing Preterite Verbs | Review Irregular Preterite Forms

Imperfect Tense

Imperfect Tense AR Verbs | Review Imperfect Forms

Imperfect Tense ER and IR Verbs | Review Imperfect Forms

Irregular Imperfect | Review Imperfect Forms

Imperfect Subjunctive

Preterite Vs. Imperfect

Preterite Vs. Imperfect I (Best as Multiple Choice quiz) | Review Preterite vs Imperfect

Preterite Vs. Imperfect II (Best as Fill-in-the-blank quiz) | Review Preterite vs Imperfect

Future Tense

Future Tense of Regular Verbs

Future Tense of Irregular Verbs


Regular Conditional

Irregular Conditional

Perfect Tenses

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Future Perfect

Command Forms

Informal (Familiar) Commands

Formal Commands | Review formal commands

Potentially Confusing Verbs

Ser Vs. Estar

Saber Vs. Conocer

Other Confusing Verbs

Other Verb Constructs

Passive SE Construct ***NEW!!***

Other Grammar Topics

Adjectives and Adverbs

Descriptive Adjectives

Adjectives of Nationality

Possessive Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives

Adverb Formation ***NEW!!***


Definite Articles

Indefinite Articles

Definite and Indefinite Article Usage ***NEW!!***


Comparisons of Inequality | Review Comparisons

Comparisons of Equality | Review Comparisons



Por Vs. Para | Review por vs para


Direct Object Pronouns | Review

Indirect Object Pronouns | Review

Double Object Pronouns | Review

NOTE: At this time, vocabulary categories are multiple choice ONLY!

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