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Practice Exam Builder

The practice exam builder allows you to build a randomized practice Spanish test based on the topics that YOU choose. Ideally, your Spanish teacher will give you some sort of exam guide or format that will tell you which topics will be on your next test. Use this format/guide to help you choose the topics in Spanish vocabulary and grammar that you want to test yourself on. My recommendation is to study for your test for a while, then come back here to build a practice test based on the topics you have studied in order to see how you are progressing. This way, you will find out which areas you are still struggling with and will therefore be able to focus your remaining study time on those specific areas.

The practice exam builder allows you to test yourself on a variety of Spanish grammar and vocabulary topics. For each topic you select, four questions will be generated. And since the questions are chosen at random, a different quiz* will be generated each time you use the practice exam builder, even if you select the same topics!

You may use the practice exam builder as many times as you like and it is ALWAYS free!

Click HERE to generate your very own practice exam based on the topics YOU choose!

*While each quiz generated will be different, some questions will occasionally be repeated due to the fact that there are a limited number of questions in the database from which the quizzes are generated. Still, I am constantly adding questions and new categories to the exam builder, so it will only get better over time!